Student Groups

Have a memorable school trip to New York City! Your group will have an educational and fun event at our Broadway performance studio with a professional performer.

For General Groups
Learn – Collaborate – Have Fun

A Look Inside Broadway is a great introduction into show business. They’ll hear an industry professional’s stories about the jobs and lifestyle. They will learn the history of Broadway and what it takes to bring a performance to life. The group would engage in acting exercise and possibly create an original scene.

For Business Students
Insight – Practice – Succeed

Business minded students groups would enjoy the Acting to Succeed workshop where they’ll experience the valuable “soft” skills that will set them apart in interviews and on the job performance. “Soft” skills such as communication, interpersonal skills and leadership will be explored through acting exercises to make students more aware of these areas for further development.

For Performing Groups
Feedback – Improve – Pro

We help performance focused student groups prepare for professional performing career with our advanced workshops: Mock the Audition and Acting a Song