Acting a Song

Don’t just sing a song, tell a story

This workshop is all about making a song come alive through your acting choices. Actors are storytellers. And storytelling is a necessary tool for success. Why? Many casting directors say that it’s not just about having a fabulous voice, you truly have to tell a story when you sing a song in an audition and, in turn, in actual performance. In fact, if casting a certain role were down to two final actors, many would say they would rather pick the person who maybe didn’t sing as well as the other actor but truly acted the song rather than the person who sang beautifully but didn’t convey a story.

1. Create an acting journey in a musical theatre song with analysis of the text, music, and character intentions.
2. Get hands-on feedback from a working industry professional who will guide you through the beats of the song in a friendly and welcoming environment.
3. By the end of this course, students will have learned the tools to analyze a song’s acting beats on their own for future songs. There will not always be a professional there to help you in the real world, so it’s necessary that they are self-sufficient. Walk away from this course feeling like a more well-rounded and fulfilled actor.

This group seminar will begin with a group vocal and physical warm up and some basic improvisational games. Then, your group will perform in front of each other and an industry professional (either a director or experienced actor) who will truly break down a song into its bare bones. In each individual students time, the industry professional will discuss the character, their circumstances, their intention, their objective, the conflict, and who they are talking to. They will also cover the beats and arch of the song.

You have to end a song in a completely different place than you started. Fully executing this story is what makes certain actors stand out from the rest. Knowing these facts and acting through your intention will make a song more realistic and human like rather than just watching someone with a beautiful voice with no active choices being made.

A piano player will be provided. Each student should bring sheet music that is clearly marked and in the correct key.

This acting workshop is ideal for high school aged students who have a concentration in theatre or performance (i.e. drama classes, glee clubs, etc)

Create an acting journey in a musical theatre song

$20/Person and $500 Minimum per Group
Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Time: Per Arrangement
Location: Meets at a Midtown Studio

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