Mock the Audition (Private)

An immersive glimpse into a real-world audition

In this exciting and immersive seminar and mock audition, we give you a glimpse at what it is like to audition for a real show in front of working industry professionals! This is a great opportunity to not only learn about show business, but also a chance to perform.

1. Immerse students in a mock version of a real life audition setting to give them a glimpse of what it is like in the real world in the comfortable and judgment-free classroom setting.

2. Learn the best audition techniques to present the best possible version of you to a casting director. These helpful tips will help you stand out from your competition. Learn the specifics of what makes a stellar audition!

3. Absorb a wealth of knowledge from the professional industry panel who are currently immersed in the acting community about your personal performance and about “show business” in general. Acting is so much more than just being talented; there are so many business strategies that the panel can inform you about.

Prior to the seminar, we will send you and your group specific song selections and scenes from a specific published show (to be determined based on the size and personalities of the group) and then your group will get a chance to audition in a real life setting in front of industry professionals as if they were really auditioning for this show. We treat this like real life, so we will not sugar coat anything.

The industry panel will act exactly as they would if this were a real audition for a real Broadway show. We do this because we want the students to truly understand what to expect when they walk into a New York City audition room. Because most of the time, it’s quite different from anything they’ve known before.

After the mock audition, the industry panel (which will consist of producers, actors, directors, choreographers, etc) will give each of your students’ individual feedback for their audition and then the discussion will open up to a Question and Answer section and finally a general seminar about tips for auditioning.

A piano player will be provided, so each student should bring sheet music that is clearly marked and in the correct key.

This workshop is ideal for high school aged students who have a concentration in theatre or performance (i.e. drama classes, glee clubs, etc)

Learn the best audition techniques to present the best possible version of you to a casting director

$495 for up to 5 People
Duration: 1 Hour 45 Minutes
Time: Per Arrangement
Location: Meets at a Midtown Studio

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