A Look Inside Broadway

Welcome to Broadway! Learn, engage, collaborate

An industry professional provides your group with an inside perspective of the industry, teaches students in fun actor exercises, and directs a collaborative small group project.

1. Learn about the history and business of Broadway, the training and audition process of an actor.
2. Engage in exercises that performing artist do to warm up and be creative.
3. Collaborate to create storylines, characters and scenes. Go through the creative process to produce something fun and memorable.

The workshop will begin with brief history of the Broadway Theatre conducted by your teaching artist and professional performer. We will explore the behind the scenes work that goes into putting on a Broadway show from the business perspective: financing and marketing side to the creative production side to the behind the scenes work of the director, technicians and actors.

Learn how much it costs to produce a Broadway show and how funds are raised. Learn about the casting process and the rigorous rehearsal period. Learn about what kind of Broadway shows make money and what producers are looking for when funding a show. Learn about the casting and auditioning process.

Finally, we want to give you a hands on performance experience. After a vocal and physical warm up, through a series of improvisational exercises, students will create characters, scenes and storylines, just like a real Broadway Actor. This low-stakes setting for new or non-performers is ideal for students wanting to bust out of their shell and get a glimpse into performing for a day. This package is perfect in tandem with seeing a Broadway show!

You’ll be meeting an industry professional to give you an insider’s perspective!

$20/person and $500 minimum per group
Duration: 2 hours
Time: Per Arrangement
Location: Meets at a Midtown Studio

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