Acting to Succeed

Use acting to excel in school and in your future job!

This class introduces performing techniques that students can start using to master the “soft” skills that many colleges and companies are seeking – namely creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership and strong interpersonal skills.

1. Use performing techniques to improve charisma and presence.
2. Learn to stretch your comfort zone and manage stage fright. Take risks. Think creatively. Think fast on your feet.
3. Discover how to market yourself to colleges or employers. What makes you unique? Gain new awareness of your public persona.

The workshop will start out with a guided vocal and physical warm up. The awakening of vocal resonators and energizing the body will make you grounded in any job interview or business presentation.

We do a series of improvisational acting exercises geared towards getting students out of their comfort zone to create characters, stories and conflict within a scene on the spot. This gears you for being quick on your feet and thinking fast in the work place, and also gets people out of their comfort zone as they create these quirky and extroverted characters.

The course will conclude with using all these acting tools in a business setting. Yes, a mock job interview! We want to see this new grounded, energized and personable human ready to take on anything that comes their way!