Acting to Succeed for Business

Use acting to excel professionally

This class introduces performing techniques that business professionals can start using to master the “soft” skills that many companies are seeking – creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership and strong interpersonal skills.

1. Use performing techniques to improve your charisma and presence.
2. Learn to stretch your comfort zone and manage stage fright. Take risks. Think creatively. Think fast on your feet.
3. Discover how to market yourself to colleges or employers. What makes you unique? Gain new awareness of your public persona.

Each workshop is different and may focus on new skills or build upon previous exercises. We provide a supportive environment for beginners. The workshop may start out with a guided vocal and physical warm up. The awakening of vocal resonators and energizing the body will make you grounded in any job interview or business presentation.

We may do a series of improvisational acting exercises geared towards getting you out of your comfort zone to create characters, stories and conflict within a scene on the spot. This gears you for being quick on your feet and thinking fast in the work place, and also gets people out of their comfort zone as they create these quirky and extroverted characters. Other exercises will involve using all these acting tools in a business setting.

In this exciting and challenging 10 week course, we aim to give you this skills necessary to become the person you’ve always dreamed you could be! Through the use of acting exercises and improvisational games, you will be exercising such traits as charisma, confidence, focus and communication, among others. By getting you out of your comfort zone, we hope to enhance your sense of self so you feel more confident and powerful in your social and professional life.

Week 1: Introduction
Learn the basics of improvisational/ acting exercises and warm ups and how you can transfer them to your social and professional lives. These basics will be touched on in every detailed class that follows. These are the essentials/the backbone of this course.

Week 2: Overcoming Shyness with Confidence
Sometimes your worst enemy for success is yourself. People believe that they aren’t good enough or don’t have anything to offer. This week’s course breaks down your bad thoughts that restrict you from believing in yourself and turns them into positive thinking for success. With this new-found confidence you can begin to overcome a very common and crippling trait: shyness. Continuing the development of charisma paired with confidence can make you more extroverted and outgoing which, in turn, can make you more successful.

Week 3: Charisma and Presence
The most successful people in the world just have an “it’ factor that is indescribable. It is usually something about their charisma and presence that just draws people and success in like a magnet. This week we find the “it” factor in you and what YOU can do to elevate your charisma using the traits you already have in you. Learn to love the fabulous being that is you and then others will too! Let’s turn you into the person that people are drawn to! Find your “it” factor!

Week 4: Spontaneity
Learn the best techniques for thinking quickly on your feet while using the skills of charisma and confidence learned in week 2. This week has a special focus on breathing. A well-phrased, spontaneous thought comes from a calm and soothing breath that starts an idea.

Week 5: Breathing and Focus
Sometimes the thing that gets in the way of charisma, confidence and spontaneity is lack of focus. This weeks exercises will eliminate distraction and allow you to form clear and intelligent thoughts. We really get your brain working this week with a series of games that will force you to pay attention to every detail around you in order to succeed in the game. We also learn how breathing affects not only your focus but also your sense of self and overall presence. See if the way you breathe is actually not a fully formed breath and learn the best tips for how to manipulate your breath so it energizes your entire body.

Week 6: Communication, Listening and Collaboration
Business is collaborative. This week is perfect for introverts! Practice getting out of your shell. Learn to work with others and how to say yes to your collaborators and continue their idea rather than blocking off communication and saying “No”. This week will also include exercises on listening that will certainly improve communication amongst your peers.

Week 7: Public Speaking
Now we take that new-found confidence and take it to the next level. This week will push you out of your comfort zone. The improv techniques used this week force you to face your fears and talk about a certain subject in front of the class (The topic is given the week before as a homework assignment). This is a safe space so it’s an ideal environment to practice in. And as always we are bringing in other essential traits that we’ve worked on including spontaneity, focus, breathing etc. And since preparation is involved, this also is a huge insight into your work ethic.

Week 8: Business Communication
Now we really get to put these isolation acting/ improv classes to practical use. Through collaboration and communication, students will be paired in teams of 2 and given a business task to create a presentation in a short amount of time based on an improvised subject. It is their goal to convince or “sell” their idea to their perspective client/buyer/etc.
Also, Many people take this class to improve their interview skills. In the past weeks you will have gained tools to create a positive self-image that people want to work with. Now you get to put this new and improved you to the test in mock interview settings. You will use the techniques of focus, spontaneity and confidence to get that job! Personal feedback will be given.

Week 9: Social Settings and Humor
Many times when actors play improv games they feel the need to be funny. But sometimes when you play at the funny, it doesn’t do the job. The best comedy comes out of the truth. In this fun filled week, we will play a series of games that will hopefully bring out the silly side of you. Humor is great to have not only in professional situations to lighten the mood and to be personal but also on a social level.
Many people feel they are lacking in the friendship or dating department. Using humor and charisma we want to help you get our there and present the best possible you to your date or friend. Learn the keys to a engaging conversation, explore the best traits to bring out in yourself in social situations and continuing to hone in on those listening skills. And hey, you might even learn a few new places and techniques for where to meet exciting new people! Not only do we want to make your career better, but also your social life!

Week 10: Conclusion and Review
In the final class, we briefly touch on all the skills we have practiced with our favorite improv games. And finally, each member of the group will share the place they started the class and where the ended to truly see the change.

Anyone can sign up for one of our no-commitment workshops, but just like going to the gym, getting results requires consistency and practice. With an unlimited membership (billed automatically monthly), you’ll be able learn our full curriculum in just a few months. Sign up here.
Classes are held in studio spaces or large conference rooms within the following locations, depending on the day. Please be sure to note which location your class is being held on the date you have selected.

WeWork Office at 222 Broadway Lobby entrance on Fulton Street. Please wait at the main desk to be signed in.

Pearl Studios 500 8th Avenue. Between 35th and 36th Street. Past the lobby, walk left around the corner to access the elevator to the 4th floor.

Ripley-Grier Studios 520 8th Avenue. Between 36th and 37th Street.

“Remy’s approach to the workshop was natural and sincere understanding for the apprentice.”
— Steve

“I took Samantha’s two-hour class and loved it! She’s a great instructor, is lots of fun, and has a nice way of helping people take risks and stretch their comfort zones. I highly recommend her class!”
– Theresa

Master creativity, communication, teamwork, leadership and strong interpersonal skills

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Time: See Calendar Below
Location: Meets at a Manhattan Studio (Exact Location Depends on Date)